Regulation on peer review


decision of the editorial board scientific and

practical journal «Modern Law» May 20, 2011


on the procedure for reviewing manuscripts,

submitted for publication in a scientific and practical journal

«Modern Law»

1. All scientific articles submitted to the journal are subject to mandatory independent (internal) peer review.

2. Manuscripts of articles received by the editorial office are preliminary reviewed by the editors for compliance with the general requirements of the journal within 3 working days. After preliminary consideration, the manuscript of the article is transferred to the reviewer (the authors of the manuscripts are not informed about the identity of the reviewers).

3. The reviewer is determined primarily from the editorial board and the editorial board of the journal, as well as from among the leading Russian scientists, taking into account scientific specialization and publication activity in the relevant branches of law.

4. No more than two weeks are given for reviewing the article.

5. The review must contain a qualified analysis of the material of the article and its objective assessment (with the emphasis in it on relevance, scientific novelty and practical significance). The reviewer gives a recommendation (positive or negative) regarding the possibility of publishing the article.

6 Reviews are stored in the publishing house and in the editorial office of the publication for 5 years

7. A reasoned refusal is sent to the authors of rejected articles within 10 days from the date of receipt of a negative review and its approval by the editor-in-chief. The editors will no longer enter into discussions and correspondence with the authors of rejected articles.

8. If the received review contains recommendations for finalizing the manuscript of the article, then the article is sent for revision and must be submitted for review again within the time specified by the editors.

9. If necessary, copies of reviews can be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon receipt of a corresponding request by the editorial office of the publication.

10. The presence of a positive review is not a sufficient reason for publishing an article. The final decision on the expediency of publication is made by the editor-in-chief of the journal.